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Union Jack Range

Sheep Tea Cosy - £10

Pig Tea Cosy - £10

Sheep Tea Pot - £14.50

Pig Tea Pot - £14.50


We pride ourselves in stocking products which are different to the normal run of the mill range. Our merchandise is fun, attractive and useful. Find the ideal present for yourself or a loved one.

Farmyard egg cup and cosy sets, mugs, tea cosys & tea pots.

Our Union Jack Range includes, tea pots, creamers, sugar bowls, jugs, egg cups and cosy's salt and pepper mills.

Fine quality wooden chopping boards of various shapes and sizes.

Our bakery range inculdes cupcake sets, cookie cutters and cake moulds.

We have a strong range of silicon products, from lasagne moulds, baking sheets and oven mitts to spatulas and utensils.

Coffee pots, tea pots, cups and glasses, aswell as some quality salt and pepper mills.

Some of our unusual products include a garlic peeler which keeps your hands from touching the garlic, an egg poacher which sits in your pan and a can opener which helps those with wrist pains and artheritis.

We package our range of 12 different loose leaf teas and freshly ground coffee in gift sets.

Our Childrens 7 piece chef sets are great fun and good value at £10.

We also stock Bexhill and 1066 bespoke gifts from fabrics to sweets.

Locally produced hand made gift cards art work and photography at fantastic prices. To find something special and unique come to us, we can also source comissioned work for you.

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